We're getting closer and closer to big news on the next Foo Fighters album, and the band may have just revealed a major piece to the puzzle -- their album artwork.

Over the last few days, the group has been tweeting out coordinates, with each relating to a city where the band recorded their upcoming album. Along with the coordinates, there have been pieces of artwork appearing online. And once all of the eight pieces of artwork are put together (as seen on Reddit), it appears as though the group has created one giant cityscape that could be the cover art for their new album. It's also been suggested that the image could be a teaser ad for the band's upcoming 'Sonic Highways' HBO series as well.

We'll find out soon enough, as Foo Fighters have also revealed in a Facebook posting that there will be "some big news" announced this coming Monday (Aug. 11). The group stated in the same posting that they've launched an online store with all sorts of new merchandise. You can check that out here.

Foo Fighters recently announced that their 'Sonic Highways' HBO series would premiere on Oct. 17. Meanwhile, it's been widely reported that the actual album would arrive in November, though a street date and title has not been revealed.