There was more than just an interesting cover going on when Foo Fighters hit the stage in Edinburgh, Scotland, this week. There was a love fest between the opening act Royal Blood and the headliners, who have been sharing quite a bit of stage time together this past year.

According to Alternative Nation, during their opening set, Royal Blood placed a blow-up doll on the stage with them that had Dave Grohl's face pasted on it. Meanwhile, drummer Ben Thatcher pounded away on a drum kit that featured Taylor Hawkins' female stewardess character from the "Learn to Fly" video on the kick drum.

Clearly loving the tribute, Grohl later invited Thatcher and bassist-singer Mike Kerr out to the stage during their set, embraced them in a hug and shared a drink onstage. After the crowd sang "Ole" as a salute, the Royal Blood guys made their way to the side of the stage, but not before Grohl offered a few kind words.

“So, basically about a year ago I came over here on tour, the Reading Festival had just happened. I was on my computer in my hotel room, and I watched Royal Blood live at the Reading Festival," recalled the singer. "I was like wow man, what a great band, good players, good f--kin’ songs, it’s great. So the next day I have to do an interview, someone said: ‘What are you listening to?’ I said: ‘Last night I listened to this band Royal Blood, they’re f--kin’ awesome, have you heard of them?’ They said, ‘Oh yeah, they’re at number 1.’ I jumped, I was like, wait a second, there’s a rock band that is at number 1. F--k yes! F--kin’ deserve to be there. So we’ve spent a lot of time with these boys, and I wish you guys well.” Watch fan-shot footage of Grohl's salute above.

Grohl has continually raved about Royal Blood since discovering their music and that resulted in the upstart rockers being invited to open a majority of the Foo Fighters' 2015 shows, both in North America and elsewhere in the world.

Update: Apparently the Dave Grohl doll has quite a history. Foo Fighters fan Terri Wells contacted Loudwire to let us know the origins of the doll came after the band had to bow out of their Wembley Stadium performance earlier this year. "I decided my friend and I would get Dave Grohl to Wembley on the 20th," says Wells. "We then took 'our Dave' to Milton Keynes on the 5th where we had photos with the backstage crew and Taylor Hawkins' drum tech Yeti Ward." After the show, Ward asked if he could have the Dave doll and Wells obliged.

"Imagine our delight when we saw the photos on media of our Dave onstage at Murrayfield ... ecstatic," says Wells. "Through media we are trying to trace where our Dave is now ... last seen being thrown into the crowd by Royal Blood allegedly!" See photos of the Dave doll and video of Royal Blood performing with "Dave" below.

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Courtesy of Terri Wells
Courtesy of Terri Wells
Photo Courtesy of Terri Wells

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