The countdown is on and the days are getting closer to the launch of the Foo Fighters' HBO series, 'Sonic Highways.' The documentary series, which chronicles the band's attempt at making a new album throughout some of America's richest music scenes, launches Oct. 17 on HBO and the band has just revealed another trailer. This latest offering also gives fans their first listen to a piece of the new song 'Feast and the Famine' from the 'Sonic Highways' album.

The song itself is a heavy, aggressive track -- something Foo Fighters do very well -- and it really comes to the forefront at the end of the trailer. This clip, titled 'Outsiders,' features Zac Brown, Carrie Underwood, Billy Gibbons, Slash and producer Rick Rubin discussing their musical beginnings and developing music.

Fans who have HBO and access to HBO Go can see a brand new extended trailer for the series online at this location. This video not only features the band talking about the idea behind the album and the series, but it offers longer listens to 'Feast and the Famine' as well as 'Something for Nothing.'

Be sure to tune in to HBO on Fridays at 11PM ET beginning Oct. 17 for the 'Sonic Highways' series and pick up Foo Fighters 'Sonic Highways' album when it hits stores Nov. 10. The disc is currently available for pre-order at iTunes. Various other bundle options are available here.