Foo Fighters' eighth studio album, 'Sonic Highways,' is receiving one of the biggest build-ups of any record in recent history. With a week-long stint on 'Letterman' and an HBO series chronicling the journey of recording eight new tracks in eight different cities, the Foos have captivated fans worldwide. Seattle is one of those eight aforementioned cities, and in a new interview, frontman Dave Grohl reveals the new song 'Subterranean' was inspired by the end of Nirvana.

Foo Fighters have already shared the tracks 'Something From Nothing,' which was recorded in Chicago and 'The Feast and the Famine,' which explores Grohl's Virginia / Washington D.C. roots and features D.C. hardcore legends Bad Brains.

The Seattle 'Sonic Highways' episode won't run until Nov. 28, but in a new interview with Studio Brussel, Grohl speaks of Nirvana's influence on 'Subterranean.' “Seattle is where my life changed with Nirvana, and then my life started over with the Foo Fighters," Grohl begins. "I would use Seattle as an example, I tell the story of the city and this crazy studio (Robert Lang Studios). The studio is the last place where Nirvana recorded, it’s this strange underground studio north of the city, that was right down the street from my house. Not long after we recorded there, Kurt died.”

Grohl continues to explain life after recording Nirvana's final track, 'You Know You're Right' and Kurt Cobain's death. “I didn’t want to make music any more after Nirvana, then time went on and I thought wait a minute, music is the one thing that’s going to help me start over, it’s going to heal me, so that’s what I have to keep doing. So I went back to that same studio, and recorded again, and my life started over again, so that becomes the theme of the episode, and that also becomes the theme of the song.”

Keep watching the 'Sonic Highways' HBO series Friday nights and get pumped for Foo Fighters' 'Sonic Highways' album on Nov. 10. To pre-order the album, click here.

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