For Today's album 'Fight the Silence' will be released Feb. 4, and the new video for the title track raises awareness about human trafficking (watch above). The clip was directed by Daniel Davidson (August Burns Red, Norma Jean).

Vocalist Mattie Montgomery explains how the song came about: "I watched a video someone sent me called ‘Girls Going Wild in the Red Light District.’ They were like, ‘Ignore the title. Just watch the video.’ In the video there are six girls standing in the window of a brothel in Amsterdam. This song starts playing and these prostitutes all start doing this synchronized dance to this music."

He adds, "Then at the end of it, these girls get done and the windows go black and this screen at the top of the building comes on and says, ‘Every year thousands of girls are promised a dance career in Western Europe," Montgomery says. "Sadly they many of them end up here.”

Montgomery concludes, “I was sobbing, snot coming out of my nose, tears coming down my face. How can we help? Where do we even start? I literally went through the lyrics to this song called ‘Hope,’ which is ironic. I went through the lyrics that I had written and selected everything and I hit delete. You know what? I want the world to hear about this thing. So I re-wrote them in 45 minutes that morning. Then we recorded it. That’s 'Fight The Silence.'"

Proceeds from the sale of the song 'Fight the Silence' and the forthcoming album will go to the A21 Campaign. The organization fights human trafficking on a global scale by rescuing and rehabilitating those who have been victimized and helping oppose and prosecute traffickers.

For Today kick off a headlining tour at the end of January that will go through early March. The band's summer is already planned, as they'll be on Warped Tour for the entire June 14 - Aug. 3 nationwide run.