It was a bittersweet night for the many For Today fans who gathered at Gramercy Theatre on Dec. 8 for the band’s last-ever New York City show, as the band announced earlier this year that they are breaking up after this final trek. Stellar supporting sets were also provided by Norma Jean, Silent Planet and My Epic.

It’s the blind / Leading the Blind / Leading the blind to their demise” leads off the song “Break the Cycle,” and it was the first verse of the night that fans shouted, while they still had their voices. Newer tracks “Forced into Fire,” “Broken Lens” and “Bitter Roots” were cranked out off of the band’s sixth and final album, Wake.

A heart-wrenching moment of the set was Mattie Montgomery addressing fans saying “Our careers are over” and letting fans know that it was OK. For many, For Today’s music was a steady constant in their life and for Montgomery, his constant has always been God. Teary-eyed, he spoke with intensity as he addressed that religion was never a gimmick for For Today and that his faith helped him through thoughts of suicide. The message in For Today’s music is what resonates and in concert that message comes to life and is celebrated.

Sweat-soaked fans lost their minds to older favorites “Foundation,” “Seraphim” and “Fearless.” “And when you fall / feel me / You’ll see my face on the battleground” were the last words that were sang for the night, off of “Devastator.” The lyrics are a reminder for devastated fans that although the band might be done touring, their music will always be there for their die-hards and future new fans who have yet to discover their music.

It also turns out that For Today fans know how to party and love dancing to the Backstreet Boys music and singing to R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly” and Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” in between sets.

Norma Jean took the stage beforehand and the band unleashed a relentless set of old and new tunes. Their new album, Polar Similar, features “I, The Planet” “1,000,000 Watts” and “Synthetic Sun,” which were cranked out live. Bassist John Finnegan should release a metal aerobic workout video with his forceful kicks and body twisting head-banging onstage.

The whole band gives it their all onstage and each song is spewed with vigor, giving their fans their money’s worth. Everyone unleashed during their set-ending “Memphis Will Be Laid to Waste.”

L.A. band Silent Planet and trio My Epic kicked off the night and provided high energy support that got things sweaty early on. Soiled hot air emitted when the doors of the main room at Gramercy opened.

It was a celebration of For Today who have had a lasting impact on fans for the past decade, Norma Jean who are going strong along with bands like Silent Planet and My Epic who are on the daily grind. Go here for remaining tour dates to catch For Today's Farewell Tour.

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