Mark Evans -- former bass slinger of AC/DC and author of the new memoir, Dirty Deeds: My Life Inside/Outside Of AC/DC, out on Bazillion Points Books -- is speaking out about his exclusion from AC/DC’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction. Near the end of his book, Evans addresses the perplexing situation of being invited to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony in 2002, and then being uninvited six weeks later.

"At first, the Hall of Fame was full of positive signs: I was given dates, details of the induction at the Waldorf Astoria, the arrangements to be made,” the book reads, via Blabbermouth. “They said they'd be in contact and get the information to me. But then the temperature turned chilly. When we did get a reply, it was simply to announce that the Hall Of Fame had seen fit to review the nomination and had come to the conclusion that I didn't qualify. I was out.”

Evans added that the guys “richly deserved to be in the Hall of Fame,” and that is was way overdue. “Bon had to be included, of course, as well as the current lineup,” he added. “And I had absolutely no problem with not being included; in the AC/DC timeline, I was there for only a brief time — an important time, in my opinion, but a heartbeat by comparison with Cliff Williams' thirty-year-plus tenure.

“What I found galling was the Hall of Fame's attitude. If a mistake was made, fine, then they should have dealt with it. A simple apology or at least an explanation would have been appreciated.” We hear you, Evans!