Former AC/DC drummer Chris Slade quit the legendary Australian rock band back in 1994. After five years with the group, Slade chose to leave after guitarist Malcolm Young suggested AC/DC give then-former drummer Phil Rudd another try behind the kit, even though Young was just throwing around the idea at the time. In response, Slade quit, but in a new interview, the drummer expresses regret in his decision.

Even excluding his contributions to AC/DC, Chris Slade has experienced a phenomenal career. Slade performed with legendary crooner Tom Jones for years before drifting to bands such as Uriah Heep, Asia and Manfred Mann's Earth Band. Slade currently plays in the AC/DC tribute act Chris Slade Steel Circle.

Chris Slade played on AC/DC's 1990 album, 'The Razor's Edge,' two live albums and the band's 'Big Gun' single, but left right as the rockers were getting ready to record 'Ballbreaker.' “I’d been doing demos with the guys in London for two months, when Malcolm called and said they wanted to give Phil [Rudd] a try," Slade tells Music Radar. "I said, ‘That’s me out then – I’m gone.’ Mal said, ‘No, we want to keep you on. We don’t even know if Phil can play.' I told him that was his problem now."

However, if Slade could turn back time, he wouldn't have made that decision. "It was probably my stupid pride. If that was my son, I'd say, 'Just sit there – they'll come back to you.' To be honest I think they would have," Slade shares. "But they're very proud themselves, and they wouldn't come back now."

AC/DC just completed work on their latest album, their first without Malcolm Young due to the guitarist's health issues. Vocalist Brian Johnson has also alluded to AC/DC hitting the road once again in 2014.