Former  drummer Bill Ward is a legendary musician, but fans might not know he's also an artist. 'Absence of Corners,' his first foray into the fine art world, will be released Aug. 1 at

“When I’m working on new ideas, musically much of what’s played is guided by a visual appearance or shape," Ward says. "Since my early childhood, I’ve played drums in visuals as well as sound. When I write, there’s always an image, sometimes a color attached to what’s being created."

“I’ve never ‘listened’ to bass notes; I ‘feel’ them. The keyboard’s black notes are dark to me and represent many sad emotions. These examples are simple, natural, childlike applications that have stayed with me. When SceneFour approached me about doing this project, it sounded like an adventurous progression. I am delighted with the captured expressions from my head and my heart. Their arrival onto canvas is beautiful.”

There are 18 different pieces in the collection, ranging in size from 30" x 18" to the very large 85" x 30." Ward worked on the project with Los Angeles company SceneFour, who have previously collaborated with other musicians such as Chuck D, Bootsy Collins, Page Hamilton and The RZA.

'Absence of Corners' took nearly a year to complete. To create the collection's visuals, Ward used drumsticks and rhythmic accessories that produce light, much like a painter utilizing brushes and oils. The movements within the captured rhythms are developed into abstract artwork. Each piece in the limited-edition collection is numbered and signed by Ward. You can watch a preview of the collection in the video above.