Cro-Mags founding member and former bassist Harley Flanagan was recently involved in an attack where he reportedly stabbed current Cro-Mags bassist Michael Couls, as well as William Berario, whom he's also accused of biting. Although conflicting with statements regarding the incident, Harley Flanagan has claimed that he was acting in self-defense.

There has been a tremendous amount of tension between Flanagan and Cro-Mags vocalist John Joseph McGowen for a very long time. As evidenced in a seemingly infinite string of the two have hurling insults at each other. "He’s a f---in’ dick," Flanagan said about McGowen to Vista Fanzine. "He never wrote a song in his life and joined the band after me and my old singer had already written most of 'The Age of Quarrel'," referring to the band's influential debut album.

"When Harley came back after his little vacation in Europe spending my rent money, I was fuming, homeless, broke, and pissed," McGowen wrote on the Cro-Mags website. "He approached me on 9th St. between 1st and 2nd. I smacked him in the face for robbing me. Weeks later, after I calmed down, he asked me not to tell the press that the reason I left right before 'Best Wishes' was because he robbed me."

Since the stabbing incident on July 6, Harley Flanagan along with his attorney released the following statement to "Harley was not the aggressor and any and all of his actions were in self defense."

Stay tuned for further developments on Harley Flanagan and Cro-Mags.

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