Former Iron Maiden singer Paul Di'Anno has announced that he will be "Pulling The Plug" in 2013. The singer says he will be embarking on a "Farewell Tour," with more details set to be released within the next few weeks or months.

Paul Di'Anno was Iron Maiden's singer on the band's first two albums, 'Iron Maiden' and 'Killers.' Di'Anno was dismissed from the band in 1981 due to his increasingly self-destructive behavior and addiction to cocaine. After it became apparent that Di'Anno could not handle his duties with the band, the now-legendary Bruce Dickinson was hired as his replacement.

Di'Anno has continued to make music throughout the years, but is apparently cementing his retirement in 2013. The singer posted the following message on his Facebook page earlier today (June 9):

 I am gonna be "Pulling The Plug" next year 2013, and making it my "Farewell Tour" was good whilst it lasted.

 Details will follow in the next few weeks/months.

The singer is scheduled to play multiple European dates this summer. Stay tuned for more news on Di'Anno's potential 2013 retirement as news breaks.