Former Korn drummer David Silveria has been making a bit of noise lately by offering his take on the band's current lineup and their history, but Silveria has also made some new noise with his band INFINIKA. The group has just posted six new songs for you to check out.

On Friday, Silveria asked his Facebook followers for a bit of help: "Does anyone know how to let Blabbemouth and Loudwire know I finally posted a few INFINIKA songs on FB? Everyone please tell your friends to check out the new tunes :)"

We're not hard to find, David! Next time, feel free to send us a Facebook message or hit the 'Tip Us' button on our homepage to shoot us an email. Anyway, some fans of Silveria's alerted us to the new material, which has been uploaded to the drummer's Soundcloud profile (listen below).

INFINIKA was founded by Silveria and vocalist Riz Story. Since the group's formation, guitarist Rob Patterson and bassist Miles Martin have also been added to the fold.

Silveria posted the following message on his Facebook profile on Aug. 16:

Check out a few songs from my new band INFINIKA. My bandmate Riz Story and I have made a new record. Here are a few tunes to enjoy :)

To hear six new INFINIKA songs, 'Sensitive,' 'Beautiful World,' 'Yesterday's Gone,' 'Crash,' 'Undone' and 'Down,' respectively, check out the Soundcloud player below.