We haven't heard much from former Korn drummer David Silveria lately besides his DUI arrest, but the musician recently answered fan questions about Korn via his personal Facebook page. Silveria gave the current Korn lineup a bit of a at slam first, before going into more detail on how important he was to Korn's original sound, how he helped out singer Jonathan Davis and brought Brian 'Head' Welch into the band, even claiming that guitarist Munky was originally against the idea of welcoming Welch into Korn.

Korn released the first single 'Never Never' from their upcoming album 'The Paradigm Shift' last week, but according to Silveria, he hasn't heard the track. Moreso, Silvera writes that he doesn't even have to hear it in order to judge its lack of groove. "For all the fans asking the answer is no I have not heard a new Korn song," Silveria posts. "All I can say is I'm sure it's not funky and groovy like the original Korn. I don't even need to hear it to know that."

Silveria's Korn criticism didn't stop there. The former Korn drummer added a bit more venom in the comments section of his original post. "I am a funky groove drummer and Ray [Luzier] is a heavy metal drummer," writes Silveria. "That's why Korn will never sound as unique as we used to."

In response to a fan's post that reads, "I like Korn. David is the original drummer. I like David. After Davids departure, Korn continued on and still does today. I like posting facts that people can't argue…", Silveria responded, "And Korn lost their groove. I also like stating facts."

Silveria offered yet another comment on his former band. "I'm not talking crap on Korn," he begins. "I'm just saying until they have the real "funky drummer" it's just not gonna groove the way it could. I've made it clear that I would come back and restore the groove:)"

Finally, Silveria responded to a fan who questioned why other Korn members take the credit for bringing Davis into the fold. "Because none of them want to admit it was me," Silveria responds. "Head wasn't even in the band yet. I also drove my van to Bakersfield from Huntington Beach and picked up Jon and his stuff, moved him in the house I lived in and paid his rent while he looked for a job. I also got in a huge fight with Munky because I wanted to bring in Head so we could have two guitarist and Munky didn't want another one. I finally got him to agree to try it with Head and that's all it took. He knew it was meant to be. I was also the one that got our managers that have managed the band since 1994. There are a lot of things I did for the band that they don't like to admit I did."

Korn's 11th studio album, 'The Paradigm Shift,' will become available on Oct. 8. And it appears that Brian 'Head' Welch may have seen Silveria's posting. The guitarist tweeted earlier today, "KoRn fans are going to be SO HAPPY when they hear our new album! The guitars are so thick and juicy! Grooves are bangin!!!"

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