Suffocation fans recently gasped in response to the departure of founding member and legendary drummer Mike Smith. The drummer recently slammed his former bandmates with the intensity of a street fight during an interview with Sick Drummer Magazine.

After answering some questions concerning Suffocation's financial issues, Smith commented on his replacement Dave Culross. "The new drummer won't have a hard time, because the hired guitarists can't play the songs, so he will have nothing to worry about," Smith fires at his former bandmates. "Whatever songs are played will be the same ones we've been playing for the last 1000 shows or so. Forcing the crew to learn and practice all the Suffo songs was a battle that later became not worth fighting for. You're only as strong as the weak links in a band."

Smith's comment is somewhat shocking and out-of-the-blue, considering that each individual member of Suffocation are widely celebrated as metal royalty.

Smith also addressed the bad blood between himself and unnamed Suffocation musicians. "There are only two members that I need to consider grudges with concerning Suffocation," explains Smith. "I only direct my concerns with founding stake-holding members. The respect that the brand gained and deserves was always a sour issue. In my opinion, it was always a simple concept to respect and protect the brand/band you created. No exceptions. Anyone who knows the dynamics of the band and the individual members already have a realistic understanding of why things could turn for the worst at any moment."

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