Indie-pop star Lana Del Rey recently made headlines, telling 'The Guardian' that she wished she was "dead already" during a conversation about her musical heroes Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse. When the reporter suggested that she not say things like she wished she was dead, Del Rey countered, "But I do. I don't want to have to keep doing this, but I am."

As expected, those comments raised a few eyebrows and one person who reacted strongly to Del Rey's comments was Kurt Cobain's daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, who reached out to the singer via Twitter. In a series of tweets, Cobain told Del Rey that the death of a young singer was not something to romanticize and urged her to "embrace life, because you only get one life."

As tends to happen on Twitter, Cobain received some backlash from a Del Rey fan. And she then added that her comments were not meant as an attack, but rather showing some perspective on the subject from someone directly affected by it. You can see the entire string of tweets below.

For her part, Del Rey expressed her regret after her comments went public. She stated in a series of since-deleted tweets, "I regret trusting 'The Guardian.' I didn't want to do an interview, but the journalist was persistent. [He] was masked as a fan, but was hiding sinister ambitions and angles. Maybe he's actually the boring one looking for something interesting to write about."

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