No, we're not talking about Iron Maiden this time! Flight 666 to HEL on Friday the 13th sounds more like a PSA from Billy Graham warning us of the end of days, but this is just another casual flight in the humdrum day of all pilots airborne travelers. Or is it?

As the Blaze reports, passengers wishing to travel today to Helsinki, Finland have found that their Finnair ticket is billed as flight AY666 to HEL (abbreviation for Helsinki). As if that didn't already spell doom for superstitious passengers, matters were made worse when the realization that this flight was booked for Friday the 13th came into play.

Finland has exported a number of prestigious metal acts over the years, so perhaps this whole 666 and HEL ordeal isn't even much of a thought to the passengers. Considering that the flight was almost full, travelers are placing their bets on a safe flight to Helsinki rather than the inner circles of Satan's domain. What some may call 'The Flight of the Beast' is sure to be nothing more than sheer coincidence.

We would like to wish all travelers a safe journey to Helsinki, where the high temperature is apparently a pleasant 66.6 degrees.

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