Listen up! The new group Future User are here to not only rock you musically, but to give you something to think about, as well. The duo, consisting of Rage Against the Machine bassist Tim Commerford and garage punk luminary Jordan Tarlow, are pushing the musical boundaries of their respective pasts and giving you an electro-rock gem of an album known as #SteroidsOrHeroin that Loudwire is exclusively streaming here in coordination with today's release (listen below).

Commerford says, "Jordan and I spent six months working on these songs and videos and it’s exciting that release day is finally here. We’re psyched to premiere our album, #SteroidsOrHeroin, with our friends at Loudwire and their readers. Dig in, motherf---ers.”

The band recently premiered the eye-catching video for "Mountain Lion," a clip in which the group's masked man known as 'S.W.I.M.' in their previous videos was finally revealed to be Commerford. The video also finds the musician skateboarding all around Los Angeles, juicing with some performance-enhancing substances, trash talking with disgraced cycling champ Lance Armstrong and eventually being set on fire.

"At the end of the day, the message that we’re trying to get across with this journey that this guy who we call “S.W.I.M.” who is sort of our superhero that we have, that ties everything together, he’s on a journey," says Commerford. "It’s entertaining, hopefully, and at the end of the video the real message comes to light. And that is, don’t be distracted by doping in sports and don’t think that doping in sports is actually important enough for presidents to talk about. It’s really not."

He adds, "What’s really important is something like heroin -- we’re over there in Afghanistan funding drug lords to grow poppies and now heroin is on the rise here in America on the highest level ever killing people here, incarcerating people here. To me, that’s a real issue. That leads to the name #SteroidsOrHeroin. What’s more important?"

The disc also features such standout cuts as "Clockwork," 'Medication Nation" and "Supernatural,' which all can be heard in the album stream below. Take a listen and if you like what you hear, Future User's #SteroidsOrHeroin album is now available through iTunes.

Listen to Future User's #SteroidsOrHeroin Album