Fyre Festival founder Billy McFarland has resurfaced with a tease of a new event that will be revealed next month and it appears that he might be back in the festival game.

McFarland famously organized the 2017 Fyre Festival in the Bahamas that quickly fell apart as artists for the event began dropping out in the week before it was to take place. Though attendees made their way to the island to attend the upscale festival, the Fyre Fest concerts never even got off the ground at all.

In the end, the non-festivities amounted only to the now-infamous photo of a cheese sandwich presented to attendees in place of the "authentic island cuisine experience" they were promised. Some attendees were left stranded on the islands. The disastrous nature of the entire music weekend was detailed in the 2019 Netflix documentary, FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened.

After the festival, McFarland was sentenced to six years in federal prison after he plead guilty to charges of wire fraud. He did, however, end up being released after serving four years earlier this year.

Now out of jail, McFarland has resurfaced on social media with a tease for a new event. In newly posted video to TikTok, McFarland tells viewers, "As you might know, I f'd around, and because of that, I definitely found out. Because of that I've had too much time to think about this. But I do feel that the moment is right to start making this up to everybody."

Using a white board, McFarland flips it over to reveal a map as he promises something "a little crazier, but a whole lot bigger than anything I've tried before." McFarland also announces a reveal coming in November, adding, "This time everybody's invited." The clip ends with McFarland pulling down the map to reveal the phone number: 973-381-8443

@pyrtbillyComment what you think I’m working on next!♬ I Can Do Anything / Finale - Christopher Lennertz

As TMZ revealed, the phone number led to a text link for a treasure hunt, asking for contact information to stay in the loop. In addition, a teaser video was provided (as seen below) looking as though McFarland was teasing another aquatic adventure. The 13-second teaser features plenty of sea life swirling around a diver and a glass bottle buried in the sand at the bottom of the ocean floor. Have a look below.

Billy McFarland Teasing New Project

What does it all mean? Stay tuned to find out.

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