Legendary German power metal act Gamma Ray have just lost their personal recording studio due to a bizarre fire. No band members were injured in the fire, as they're currently in South America touring with Helloween, but various media sources are reporting that one individual was hospitalized.

Formed in 1989, Gamma Ray are gods in the world of power metal. The group has self-produced the majority of their discography, beginning with the band's 1990 EP, 'Heaven Can Wait.' Guitarist Kai Hansen helped produce the EP, and ever since, it's been difficult to pull the shredder away from the board. Hansen and fellow Gamma Ray guitarist Dirk Schlächter first teamed up in the studio to produce the 1993 full-length 'Insanity and Genius,' and ever since, the duo have sat down at the board together for each proceeding record.

Hammer Studios, which was run by Hansen, Schlächter and producer Eike Freese, caught fire yesterday (Nov. 18) in the afternoon. Although firefighters arrived on the scene and attempted to fight the blaze, the fire was deemed too severe and dangerous to fight, according to Mopo.de. The news site also reports one man suffering from mild smoke inhalation, while Bild.de claims one injured man (possibly the same referenced by Mopo.de) was hospitalized.

Kai Hansen took to Gamma Ray's Facebook page to comment on the studio fire:

Hi everybody, thanks for your concern, we are ok, already on Tour in South America, the Studio is probably gone, we'll know more whenever the Firemen have everything under control. Here's the ironic part: we're at the Waterfront of a lake and the upcoming Deep Purple Live recordings have just been mixed at our place. Remember Smoke On The Water...

Gamma Ray's 11th studio album, 'Empire of the Undead,' is expected to see a 2014 release.