In this matchup, we've got one of the favorites in March Metal Mascot Madness up against one of Round One's most surprising victors. Metal veterans, fight!

Megadeth mascot Vic Rattlehead is almost as old as the band itself. The character has appeared again and again throughout Megadeth's legendary rise to thrash fame, and after a war with HammerFall's nordic warrior, Hector. Rattlehead won in a blowout victory and looks to inflict similar punishment on its Round Two opponent.

In a surprising victory, Gamma Ray's Fangface defeated a mascot that's considered to be iconic in Danzig's Crystar. The face and horns of Danzig and Samhain is out, so Fangface advances to face Vic Rattlehead. Fangface is pretty damn cool, drinking his heavy booze while burning eyes peer out through the creature's ragged hood, but will it result in another win?

Vic Rattlehead vs. Fangface Cast your vote in the poll below!

Voting for this round ends on Friday, Mar. 27 at 8:00 AM ET. Fans can vote once per hour, so keep coming back to make sure that your favorite metal mascot wins!


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