The woman who sued KISS' Gene Simmons last year for sexual battery wants the case dropped, The Blast reported Thursday (April 25). According to documents obtained by the celebrity gossip site, the plaintiff going under the name Jane Doe — who was an employee of Simmons' Rock & Brews restaurant in 2016, the time in which when she initially claimed the KISS bassist and vocalist groped her — filed a request for dismissal Wednesday (April 24) in Los Angeles.

Originally filed last December, the lawsuit from the former dishwasher at the establishment alleged Simmons "reached over and forcefully placed his hand on her vagina, completely covering it." (The anonymous filer also said she saw Simmons act "in a sexually charged manner with other women" in the restaurant.) As she's now seeking dismissal, the Blast insinuated a settlement is likely in the works between the plaintiff and Simmons.

Doe's request to drop the case reportedly indicated it be "dismissed with prejudice," a legal term meaning Simmons can't be retried for the same offense again, essentially making the lawsuit "over and done with." Once a judge signs off, it would be the equivalent of finding the KISS frontman and businessman not guilty in the case. The court documents don't indicate if a settlement was reached between the two parties.

But a settlement was reached in the past among Simmons and a previous sexual misconduct accuser. He settled with a broadcast journalist after she filed a sexual harassment suit against the musician last year. Earlier, accusations against the KISS figurehead indicated he acted crudely towards woman at Fox News headquarters in New York. It led to Simmons receiving to a lifetime ban from the channel.

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