The legal battle between Geoff Tate and his former Queensryche bandmates has extended beyond a year, but the singer says that he hopes that everything will be decided upon shortly for everyone involved.

Tate told the Chicago Sun-Times, "Everything's kind of been on hold while we finish up our court case and everything, which we hope we'll finish up at the end of January. We're just in the final stages of trying to work out settlements now."

The band ousted Tate in 2012 in a contentious split, replacing him with new frontman Todd La Torre. Tate, meanwhile, formed his own version of Queensryche and a judge ruled that both bands were allowed to use the name until an official decision was rendered.

Tate says, "For me at least, the last year and a half has been quite a difficult time. I'm looking forward to it being settled and moving on." The vocalist says not only has it been difficult on himself, the ongoing legal issues have also been hard on the band's fans. He adds, though, "People have been very supportive, which is wonderful."

Tate's version of Queensryche has been playing shows, focusing on the band's 'Operation Mindcrime' album and celebrating its 25th anniversary. The rocker says that after the recent January dates, everything would come to a halt until a decision was rendered, after which he'll make a decision on his future plans.