My Chemical Romance surprised many when they split in 2013 and it was quite evident fans were still intrigued by the band when a teaser posted for the 10th anniversary of The Black Parade album last fall initially yielded frenzied speculation that a reunion might be in the works. In a new interview with Billboard about his foray into the comics world, singer Gerard Way spoke about the band's status and left the door open for doing something in the future.

"I wouldn't count [a reunion] out," stated Way, but he quickly added, "At the same time, everybody's doing stuff in their lives now that they're really enjoying. In some ways I don't really miss it. It had gotten so big it was very unwieldy. It took a toll on my mental life and personal life. The thing I'm happiest about right now is everybody's relationships with each other are really strong. That's more important than anything else to me."

Those relationships continue to prosper as Way revealed in the interview that he's been working with My Chemical Romance guitarist Ray Toro on songs to accompany Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye, one of his books for his DC Comics Young Animal imprint. The pair recorded the songs "Into the Cave We Wander" and Pogi's Cavern" for the book, and he's also open to adding music for some of his other Young Animal titles.

"I was really inspired," Way stated to Billboard. "I had tried the comics/music thing before The Killjoys. That didn’t quite work in terms of how I feel how artistically connected and successful they were, and a lot of that was because the music part with MCR overshadowed the book. This feels more natural; I just do it when I'm inspired. I like doing things that are accurate to the world of the comics. That's really fun. And we talk about doing a whole Young Animal record, so we're working on that right now."

The singer also stated that he's eyeing his second proper solo album. "I'm just about to seriously figure out my schedule in terms of how many weeks I'm writing comics and how many weeks I'm writing music," Way explains. "There's a plan to put something out; I don't know when that'll come, but the process is starting."

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