If you’ve been waiting to confess your sins, now is the time: Foxy Shazam’s new release ‘The Church of Rock and Roll,’ drops today! Foxy Shazam continue to be a rock 'n’ roll enigma -- their special brand of theatrical rock meets soulful beats hit over the head by punk rock will tickle your ears and eat away at your soul.

Leading up to the release of ‘The Church of Rock and Roll’, the Foxy Shazam boys brought their own special brand of grandiosity to a quirky web series coined ‘Lessons with Foxy Shazam,’ coming straight to you from the ‘Church of Rock and Roll.’ The lessons, brought to you courtesy of headmaster and Foxy frontman Eric Nally, instruct fans to “sit back and listen to [me] preach these things in school they don’t teach.”

Throughout the series, Nally preaches from the comforts of a bubble bath, complete with perched bird and handgun nearby in Lesson 1, followed by a naked Nally featured in Lesson 2, but Lesson 3 might be our favorite featuring what looks like a ... real live hedgehog?

So stated in true Foxy fashion, “There’s a sweet spot between failure and success. Too far in the direction of success and you become rich, powerful, greedy, and content. Too far in the opposite direction is failure, and you are nothing. Right in the middle is where it’s at, there’s room to grow and there’s room to learn your lessons. Right in the middle, on a big hill is where the church of rock 'n' roll has always been and always will.”

Check out the lessons below and check out Foxy Shazam on tour with the Darkness.

Lesson 1 with Foxy Shazam:
Lesson 2 with Foxy Shazam:
Lesson 3 with Foxy Shazam: