Get ready, rock fans, as two legendary acts are set to invade the World's Most Famous Arena! Rock superstars Scorpions and metal masters Megadeth are joining forces to play Madison Square Garden on Saturday, Sept. 16, as part of their "Crazy World" U.S. Tour, and tickets for the New York City show are on sale now!

Scorpions are responsible for some of rock's most beloved hits, including "Rock You Like a Hurricane," "Winds of Change" and "Still Loving You." Their latest album is titled Return to Forever, but the tour is named after their 1991 disc. "When our album Crazy World was released back in ’91, right at the end of the cold war, we toured around a world that was pretty crazy back then, but there was so much hope in the air for a more peaceful future,” says Scorpions vocalist Klaus Meine. “Now 26 years later, things are getting more crazy every other day."

Megadeth are one of metal's greatest bands, and will be out in support of their critically acclaimed disc Dystopia, which just earned the veteran metal act their first-ever Grammy for its title track.

Tickets to the Sept. 16 show at Madison Square Garden are on sale now. Click here to purchase.

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