So far, we already know that Ghost frontman Tobias Forge has been writing the band's next album since February, and that Cardinal Copia will make a return for it. Aiming for a 2020 release, Forge says the new album will be "darker" and "heavier" than their last effort, 2018's Prequelle. The vocalist provided a little more insight on the next record in an interview with Revolver.

"I want to make a different record from Prequelle. I want it to feel different," Forge explains. "I definitely have a darker, heavier record in mind." He admits that Prequelle was more "ballad-heavy," and that the new album will relate more to their 2015 release Meliora. 

"I have always pushed myself to write the songs that we don't have instead of going back," he continues. "I can regurgitate. I grew up with metal. It's in my DNA, so I can formulate death-metal lyrics easily. But I try not to repeat myself on that."

Forge says that in addition to being a musician, doing a movie has always been one of his goals. "Any chance I can have to do that, I'm definitely grabbing it," he affirms. The idea would be to make a full-length film similar to his video series about Cardinal Copia and the other characters the band members have adopted. Forge compares the notion of doing a biographical movie about the band to "premature ejaculation," as he thinks Ghost is too young to tell their story yet.

Ghost are currently on tour with Metallica for the European leg of their Hardwired Tour, and recently announced a fall U.S. tour with Nothing More. See the dates here.

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