Ghost have always been a unique band. They fall into the shock rock category more than any other, as their theatrical performances are a huge part of their identity as a band. Speaking with The Pit, leader Tobias Forge has cited another compelling band as one he strives to be like — Rammstein.

Though Ghost and Rammstein have pretty much nothing in common sonically or visually, they do have the shock component in common. Rammstein's shows are full of pyrotechnics and other dramatic visuals, and their songs tend to have some controversial lyrics that push the envelope, whereas Ghost experiment more with their appearance and storytelling during their performances.

“If there’s a comparison to make, it’s better for us to compare ourselves to more contemporary bands rather than my idols. All those '60s bands, it feels like they were 100 years ago now, with a completely different set of rules and a different world. But even talking about AC/DC, Metallica or Iron Maiden, it was a different time and age," Forge explained.

“But if I compare us to a band that’s at least a little bit closer to me, generationally, it would be Rammstein. I have no intention of sounding like them, but as a visionary, it’s motivating for me to see how a band that were doing arenas up until a couple of years ago now play stadiums."

The Ghost mastermind noted that there's a difference between playing arenas and selling out arenas, and further added that he'd rather put on an exciting show than be known for being more simplistic.

"[Rammstein are] also a fictional sort of band, highly themed, and they put on a show, as opposed to Pearl Jam, who go up in normal street-wear and play on a carpet, and who seem like your down-to-earth, well-educated bros. Ha ha! So I’d see Rammstein as the sort of guidepost that I’m working towards," he elaborated.

Perhaps Forge has been speaking with Nikki Sixx.

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