In early September at the Denver edition of Riot Fest, the revamped Misfits lineup made their debut, reuniting Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only onstage for the first time in 33 years. Following the performance, Only spoke about the potential for a new record, but now after the Chicago performance, Danzig seems decidedly less certain about the idea.

“If there’s going to be another Misfits record, I’d probably have to write the stuff,” Danzig told the New York Times two days after the Chicago festival closing set. “And I’ve got a full plate, so I don’t know.” As for this proverbial plate, the singer is known to have completed his set of Elvis Presley covers, which he confirmed from the studio at the tail of July and is "80 percent done" with the follow-up to his last original album, 2010's Deth Red Saboath.

Speaking about the subject matter of the Misfits songs from the time they were written to how they're perceived now, Danzig stated, "I don’t know that people get out of them right now what I meant for them to get out of them when I wrote them. In the ’70s, I was fighting censorship. I was fighting corrupt, apathetic government. There were no opportunities for kids. It’s not that way now. Our apathetic government is pretty much the same, but people were angry and pissed off. I wish people would get angry and pissed off nowadays, too."

As for the continuation of the Misfits, Only spoke with Rolling Stone following the Denver show, saying, “Whatever it takes. We’re going into our 40th anniversary so the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Eventually, Doyle’s got to write a new album; I’ve got to write a new album; Glenn’s got to write a new album. Why don’t we work together and make the greatest album ever? Now we’ve got different elements. We’ve got Doyle playing more of a metal kind of thing. We’ve got Dave [Lombardo] who we’re trying to figure out what the f–k he’s doing. And Glenn’s got his own thing. And Acey [Slade, guitar] fills in good too. And I’ve got the band where it is today. So it’s a matter of remolding and using all the different elements that I’ve got.”

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