This week’s guest on ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ is Deep Purple legend and newly-inducted Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Glenn Hughes!

Glenn Hughes has long been hailed as “The Voice of Rock” for good reason. Hughes can sing and scream with the greatest of greats, as he’s done for decades with Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Black Country Communion and on over a dozen solo albums. There’s plenty of dirt on Wikipedia to sift through, so we asked the man himself what’s true and false.

When Hughes was first recruited for Deep Purple, Free’s Paul Rodgers was going to be brought into the fold as well, which initially got Hughes interested. Rodgers never became a member of Deep Purple, but Hughes sets the record straight on whether or not he would have joined Purple if Rodgers wasn’t originally in the mix.

Wikipedia got an essential part of Purple’s history wrong when reporting the band was unaware that guitar icon Ritchie Blackmore was planning his leave. Hughes reveals what the band actually knew and how that turned into MK III: The Final Concerts.

Glenn Hughes has been clean and sober for many years after heavy substance abuse. In the musician’s own words, “I can’t remember the ‘80s.” Wikipedia says Hughes has been clean and sober since 1991, but that’s not exactly correct. Hughes tells us the real story here.

Watch the legendary Glenn Hughes play ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ above!

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