After only three days into 2012, we've already got a strong contender for death metal tour of the year. Goatwhore and Hate Eternal will soon team up to invade North America with their signature brands of blasphemous brutality on a co-headlining tour.

Hate Eternal experienced their share of acclaim in 2011 with the release of their fifth studio album, 'Phoenix Amongst The Ashes.' Entering their 15th year as a band, Hate Eternal have consistently been one of the heaviest bands on the planet due to their incredibly evil and twisted sound - fronted by one of death metal's most powerful vocalists, Erik Rutan. Hate Eternal have also collaborated with some of death metal's finest musicians, such as Alex Webster of Cannibal Corpse and former Suffocation guitarist Doug Cerrito.

Goatwhore have also been making music for 15 years, developing a large following with their brand of blackened death metal. Their latest release, 'Carving Out the Eyes of God' gained rave reviews from both fans and critics with its raw power and thrashing guitar work. Goatwhore is expecting to release their next full-length, 'Blood for the Master,' sometime in 2012.

Fallujah and Cerebral Bore will be open for the two death metal acts, after Goatwhore finish a separate eight-day tour with Strong Intention and U.K. grindcore project Lock Up, featuring current and former members of Napalm Death, Dimmu Borgir, Hypocrisy and At the Gates.

Goatwhore Tour Dates with Lock Up and Strong Intention

02/08 - Buffalo, N.Y.
02/09 - Albany, N.Y.
02/10 - Revere, MA
02/11 - Montreal, Quebec City
02/12 - Toronto, Ontario
02/13 - Chicago, Ill.
02/14 - Columbus, Ohio
02/15 - Baltimore, Md.
02/16 - Brooklyn, N.Y.

Goatwhore and Hate Eternal Tour Dates

02/18 - New Orleans, La. (Hate Eternal ONLY)
02/19 - Houston, Texas
02/21 - Tempe, Ariz.
02/22 - Hollywood, Calif.
02/23 - Santa Cruz, Calif.
02/24 - Portland, Ore.
02/25 - Seattle, Wash.
02/26 - Boise, Idaho
02/27 - Salt Lake City, Utah
02/28 - Colorado Springs, Colo.
02/29 - Kansas City, Mo.
03/01 - St Paul, Minn.
03/02 - Des Moines, Iowa
03/03 - Chicago, Ill.*
03/05 - Toronto, Ontario**
03/06 - Ottawa, Ontario**
03/07 - Montreal, Quebec City**
03/08 - Clifton, N.J.**
03/09 - Brooklyn, N.Y.**

*No Goatwhore
**Hate Eternal and Cerebral Bore ONLY