Unfortunately, we can't make it to the most recent Austin Music Commission (AMC) meeting but we'd like to send in our 'Yay' vote for one particular notion. One of the future decisions of the AMC is to determine whether or not to erect a statue of Glenn Danzig riding a dragon to welcome visitors to the Red River Cultural District of Austin, Texas.

The idea for the statue was brought to the AMC by James Moody, who owns the Mohawk, one of Austin's many well-known live music venues. Moody's suggestion was mostly made out of jest, due to a disastrous Danzig performance at Austin's 2011 Fun Fun Fun Fest. Danzig's reported prima donna attitude and time-wasting demands made for a shorter set, eventually causing festival workers to pull the plug on Danzig.

According to KEYE TV, James Moody admitted that his request isn't entirely genuine, although he added, "If they're willing to do it in gold, I'll submit it as a serious idea." Moody also suggests that Danzig statue should include eyes made of rubies.

Though Moody doesn't consider the statue a serious idea, the inquiry was noted on the AMC's June 2 meeting notes in the "future goals" section. The statue idea is placed alongside requests such as a Red River Cultural District block party and ribbon cutting ceremony; street signs, banners and a mural; a volunteer day focused on a district wide clean up event and more. Check out a screenshot of the meeting notes below.

Want a golden statue of a ruby-eyed Glenn Danzig riding a dragon erected in Austin? Head over to AustinTexas.gov and demand it!

Austin Music Commission June 2 Meeting Note

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