And just like that, Gone Is Gone's live career is underway. The supergroup made up of Mastodon's Troy Sanders, At the Drive-In's Tony Hajjar, Queens of the Stone Age's Troy Van Leeuwen and Sencit Music's Mike Zarin chose Hollywood's Dragonfly club to make their live debut and a spirited crowd enjoyed every minute of seeing the band's first show.

The band took the tiny stage, starting off their night with the dark sounding "This Chapter" from their forthcoming release. Though the band has only released one song so far, the heavy "Violescent," that didn't stop the crowd from digging what the band was laying down. A scan of the room showed heads nodding, bodies moving and lots of cheers from song to song. Sanders would even remark later on how thrilled he was with the crowd from this opening performance given that many in the audience didn't have much to reference prior to the show.

It's been stated that Gone Is Gone started with Hajjar and Zarin, who had been doing some scoring work prior to forming the band, and the tone of a good portion of their songs has that vibe. There are distortion filled soundscapes with heavy low end and time shifts that lead to songs that feel atmospheric at some points and just rock at others.

After well-received performances of "Stolen From Me" and "Starlight" from their upcoming self-titled release, "Violescent," got one of the bigger responses of the evening. But the band's 11-song set also featured a number of tracks that aren't on their upcoming disc. The moody track dubbed "Roads" on the set list includes some vocal work from multi-instrumentalist Mike Zarin, was a standout, while another cut named "Slow" may have been the non-album track that got the biggest cheers, delivering some attitude and a groove that wouldn't quit with drummer Tony Hajjar pounding the sticks as if he were exorcising some tribal demons.

Finishing out the night, the band performed "One Divided," a track that feels as if it will be one of their standouts once people have a chance to sit with their new album. The audience was visibly getting into the song while Sanders appeared to be enjoying himself as the night came to a conclusion.

So far, this is Gone Is Gone's only show on the books, but this supergroup is definitely worth checking out once they expand their touring to include support of their forthcoming debut disc. Check out our photo gallery above and the set list below.

Gone Is Gone's First Show, The Dragonfly - Los Angeles Wednesday, April 27, 2016

1. "This Chapter"
2. "Stolen From Me"
3. "Starlight"
4. "Violescent"
5. "Roads"
6. "Sad Song"
7. "Praying From the Danger"
8. "Hum"
9. "Gift"
10. "Slow"
11. "One Divided"