Ouch! Canadian progressive technical death metal masters Gorguts are currently on a European tour with Psycroptic, Dysrhythmia and Nero Di Marte. While each band is undoubtedly delivering knockout performances onstage each night, a passerby decided to knock out the window of Gorguts' tour bus with a single punch.

The incident was captured on closed-circuit TV in Manchester, England, taking place on March 29 at 12:53 AM as reported by the Manchester Evening News. The vandal is seen (video above) approaching the bus, which was parked outside the Sound Control venue, pausing for a brief second to face the vehicle. He cocks his right fist and winds up, unloading a devastating blow to the glass window, which shatters on impact as the vandal's hand effectively penetrates the pane. He begins to walk away seemingly unfazed by any sort of pain that would expectedly accompany such a violent action.

The outlet also reported that as the man approached the rear of the tour bus, he slammed his forearm into the back window as well. This incident does not appear in the video above. Due to the smashed window, Gorguts were forced to cancel their performance in Glasgow the following night, but resumed the tour the day after with a regularly scheduled show in London.

Avocado, Gorguts' booking agency, is seeking the identity of the vandal. Any tips can be passed on to Crimestoppers at 0800-555-111 or the non-emergency number 101. Tips can also be tweeted to the agency through the handle '@avocadobooking.'

Gorguts will be releasing a single track EP, Pleiades' Dust, which clocks in at over a half hour long. Two samples of the song have been released so far under the titles "Wandering Times" and "Besieged" though the unified track remains the same as the EP's title. The release will be out May 13 through Season of Mist and pre-orders can be made at the label's webshop.

Damage to Gorguts' Tour Bus

Facebook: Gorguts
Facebook: Gorguts

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