Green Day fans got their first taste of the band's '¡Quatro!' documentary late last year when VH1, MTV2 and Palladia aired a highlights special featuring clips from the film. Now fans will get to see '¡Quatro!' in its entirety when it screens at the upcoming X Games competition being held in Aspen Jan. 26.

In addition to the various sports, the X Games has launched their own film showcase in recent years to provide those attending with other forms of entertainment and Green Day's '¡Quatro!' will be one of the featured movies at the Wheeler Opera House.

The movie itself documents the massive undertaking that was the completion of Green Day's album trilogy. Singer Billie Joe Armstrong says in the trailer for the film, "This is the first time in 20 years that we are actually inviting people into the process. This is not a fully thought out thing yet," to which an unseen band members says off screen, "This is like sending the baby down to the corner to buy cigarettes."

The timing was right for a project like this because it showed the band at their most vulnerable. As Armstrong recalls, "We were so used to presenting ourselves before, but this time we had nothing. It was back to that 'prove it to me' [attitude]."

In coordination with the screening, the band will also be answering questions. Fans may submit their queries for the group at the X Games Facebook page here.

Watch Green Day's '¡Quatro!' Documentary Trailer

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