While we still don’t even know if Axl Rose is going to show up to the Guns N’ Roses Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction ceremony April 14, we do now know who will deliver their induction. California punk rockers Green Day will be on hand deliver the speech inducting GN’R into rock and roll history -- joining a V.I.P. cast of presenters from ZZ Top who will induct Freddie King to John Mellencamp inducting Donovan.

The Guns N’ Roses Hall of Fame appearance has been shrouded in mystery and drama from the very beginning. From the rumored and denied reunion performance, to which members of the band will actually make the trip, one thing’s for sure, their place in history will now be officially sealed within the hallowed halls.

So will Green Day be making a live performance? As of right now, nothing has been confirmed and it will probably all come down to the last minute decisions of the current and former cast of Guns N’ Roses -- if they decide to kiss and make up. With Slash telling Rolling Stone that Axl hates his guts and former GN’R drummer Steven Adler recently throwing the current lineup under the bus and apologizing later, we don’t have high hopes on this one but stranger things have happened and it wouldn’t be the first time Axl Rose surprised the world. That's rock and roll!