Guitar Center has finally added an actual letter "G" to its official logo after 50 years. You're probably wondering why this is newsworthy, but if you're here, it's probably because you may not have even realized it was missing from the logo at all.

Is anyone familiar with the Mandela Effect?

According to AdWeek, people on Twitter have been pointing out the absence of the "G" from Guitar Center's logo for years now. Whereas the diagonal acoustic guitar used to serve as the "G," the massive company has now decided to rebrand, and whether that's to appease the fanatic Twitter users who've been shaming them for it or not, we don't actually know.

They quietly edited the logo, but now, we're here to let everyone know it happened.

"It was designed in the ’60s without a computer, which is challenging when you move into a digital environment,” Guitar Center's chief marketing and communications officer Jeannine D’Addario explained to AdWeek. "I joke that my legacy will be, ‘I’m the girl who put the ‘G’ in 'Guitar Center.'”

Now, the reactions to the logo change, especially on Twitter, are even more humorous. "I can't believe Guitar Center actually got bullied into changing their logo," one user wrote.

"No offense to Guitar Center but it was a little weak to change their logo after like 3 tweets went viral, where is the courage to be different," asked another.

In addition to the new "G," the font featured in the logo changed slightly as well. The letters in the words used to appear more cartoonish, were different sizes and some were even on an angle. Now, it's just a cleaner, more simplistic style. The red is a bit more vibrant in the text than it had been previously, and the shape of the guitar has been modified a bit as well.

See an image of the old logo and the new one below.

Business Blogs wrote an article pointing out seven different reasons as to why having a simpler logo is better for a brand's marketing. Having a more basic design as opposed to a complex one helps improve recognizability, make the brand more memorable and clarifies the overall message that the company is hoping to instill.

Bravo to Guitar Center for adapting to modern digital trends.

Guitar Center
Guitar Center

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