Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci talks all about creating the band’s most recent album, ‘A Dramatic Turn of Events,’ in an interview posted on the website of the band's label, Roadrunner Records.

With Dream Theater having numerous albums under their belt, Petrucci chats about what went into the group's latest effort. “We wanted to do something that was going to be on a grand scale, we wanted to take things to extremes and really explore deeply whatever element it was.”

He continues, “We knew if we were going to do something in a progressive sort of tone, we would take that to an extreme. If we were going to do something that was sort of cinematic and broader, we would take that as far as we could take it.”

New stickman Mike Mangini makes his Dream Theater drumming debut on the album. “When Mike Mangini [drums] came in, he was able to really just play along to the demo tracks that we had recorded, and we didn't have to go through a whole process of laying out tempos and maps and markers, that stuff was already done at the same time” says Petrucci.

The seasoned guitarist also reveals how he and the rest of Dream Theater keeps fresh ideas afloat. “As far as creativity and writing music and coming up with new ideas, in this band there is no shortage of ideas. Everybody is super creative, we always have ideas flowing. If anything, we have too many ideas that we have to kind of sift through and work through.”

Dream Theater frontman James LaBrie also expressed his excitement for the new album with radio host Full Metal Jackie. That interview can be read here on Loudwire.