Over the years, veteran rocker Tommy Stinson has put in time with a pair of hard-partying bands on opposite sides of the economic ladder: the beer soaked, eternally cash-strapped indie rockers the Replacements, and the booze bloated, multiplatinum hard-rock mavens Guns N’ Roses. Both acts are known for legendary stretches of abhorrent hedonism, but surely one of them pushed things a little further than the other. So, who parties harder: indie rockers or hard rockers?


“Back in the day we were all young and imbibing, getting our cocktail on. Like with R.E.M. and X, we got hammered with those guys pretty good,” Stinson says of his time with the Replacements. “But with Guns, I've played with Metallica. [Drummer] Lars Ulrich vomiting in your dressing room, that's pretty nasty. Him taking one shot more than he should have, then having [Skid Row singer] Sebastian Bach singing, "Exit Lars! Exit Laaaaars!" as his assistant is carrying him out of the building. But that's a whole other story."

Stinson is gearing up to unleash his second solo album, ‘One Man Mutiny,' which drops Aug. 30 on his own Done to Death Music label. Listen to a song from the album titled 'It's a Drag' here. Stinson will celebrate the arrival of ‘One Man Mutiny' with an Aug. 25 release party/concert in New York. It's one of a handful of East Coast solo gigs he has lined up.

Guns N' Roses, meanwhile are set to play the Rock in Rio festival Oct. 2 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and a concert Oct. 5 in Santiago, Chile.

Tommy Stinson's Fall East Coast Solo Dates:

9/24 -- Hoboken, N.J.
9/25 -- New York, N.Y. *Record Release Party
9/27 -- Pawtucket, R.I.
9/28 -- Boston, Mass.