The "loudest silent movie on Earth" has been building anticipation from the entirety of the metal and rock community as we inch closer to the film's undisclosed release date. Previous updates have included new cast additions and now there's finally some visual proof to go along with it as the Gutterdammerung trailer has finally been released!

According to the trailer's voice over, "In a silent world, a bad girl, a fallen angel, a charismatic leader, the last pure girl on Earth, and the baddest motherf---ers in rock 'n' roll history" bring to life the story of a world without sin brought back to evil when the Devil's guitar is sent back to Earth.

The cast includes a host of rock and metal's biggest names, including Iggy Pop as the Devil, Lemmy Kilmister as a general, Slash on a search for the "phallic tool of eternal torment," Henry Rollins as an evil priest, Tom Araya as a messenger of darkness, a bazooka-wielding Josh Homme and many more.

Gutterdammerung will also feature a live band whose performances will coincide with the movie simultaneously, delivering a stunning and unparalleled visual and auditory experience. The film's website details this, explaining that “Much in the tradition of classic movies of 1920’s Hollywood, the film is mostly silent but instead of a lone piano a live rock band of rock express the emotions and action whilst special effects from the film explode to life all around the audience." Stay tuned for info on when and where the film will screen.

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