A cause of death has been determinged for GWAR's late guitarist Cory Smoot (a.k.a. Flattus Maximus). According to North Dakota coroner William Masselo, Smoot died from a coronary artery thrombosis caused by a pre-existing coronary artery disease. He was discovered dead on GWAR's tour bus on Nov. 3 at the age of 34.

The guitarist had played with GWAR since 2002 and performed on the studio albums 'War Party' (2004), 'Beyond Hell' (2006) 'Lust in Space' (2009) and 'Bloody Pit of Horror' (2010). He also appeared on the concert album 'Live From Mt. Fuji (2005) and on four of the band's DVDs.

In addition to playing with GWAR, Smoot was in the groups Misguided, Locus Factor and Mensrea, and played on Illumira's 2011 track 'Mercy.'

Four guitarists played the role of Flattus Maximus before Smoot took over the gig. GWAR are currently touring as a four-piece and have officially retired the character of Flattus Maximus out of respect for Smoot.

The guitarist had recently finished his solo record, The Cory Smoot Experiment's 'When Worlds Collide' shortly before he died. The album is scheduled for release Jan. 7.  Cannabis Corpse, Mensrea, DBX and other bands will play a record release benefit concert that night at the Canal Club in Richmond, Virginia to honor Smoot. Proceeds will go to the late axe-man's family.

In addition, Metal Blade Records and GWAR have set-up the Smoot Family Foundation to raise funds for Smoot's wife, Jaime, and their unborn child. Donations can be made here.