For over 30 years, heavy metal band GWAR have been a constantly evolving beast combining excellent riffage with a one of a kind live performance. There is no stopping these Scumdogs and the band is set to release their 14th full-length album, The Blood of Gods. To get a better sense of what to expect, they've released a brand new song, "I'll Be Your Monster."

Beyond GWAR's crazy theatrical performances, at their core, the band are excellent songwriters. The song moves beyond thrash metal into territories of straight up, red-blooded rock n' roll. It's hard and loud in a way listeners might not outwardly expect from the band. It's a song that can please your Led Zeppelin loving dad, or die hard metalhead best friend with ease with some instantly catchy guitar licks.

In a related video to coincide with their "El Presidente" single, bassist Beefcake the Mighty recently interrupted President Trump's "bizarre, secret speaking engagement being held in the basement of a Washington area pizza restaurant." The Scumdog dismissed Trump's "fake news," giving fans some real news pertaining to the release of GWAR's new album which "will unleash upon you a fire and fury the likes of which the world has never seen."

GWAR will embark on a North American tour on Oct. 20 with support coming from DoyleGhoulHe Is Legend and U.S. Bastards. Not all bands will be featured on the entire run so check listings carefully and click here to see if the tour is will be spilling some blood near you. To pre-order The Blood of Gods, out Oct. 21, head to the Metal Blade webstore.

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