Seeing a band on Halloween is always a fun time. Bands usually dress in costume as do the fans and it makes for a unique experience — but what about GWAR on Halloween? Would they dress up? Do they not acknowledge the silly human tradition of masquerading as pirates, maids and Papa Emeritus? We sent one of our writers in disguise as Andrew W. Just O.K. to Toads Place in New Haven, Conn. on Oct. 31, the closing night of GWAR's tour, to find out!

Just moments before GWAR took the stage to party one last time on the tour, Andrew W. Just O.K. managed to nab frontman Blothar to ask a couple questions about the band and the new album they're reportedly working on. The last update from GWAR said they were looking for a producer, so we took Blothar to task on this and he gave us a surprising answer as to who will be manning the boards in the studio: none other than Donald Trump!

Next, we bridged the gap between Andrew W. Just O.K. and GWAR, pulling out a bag of items that can help keep fans dry and free from blood at a GWAR show, in contrast with the Andrew W.K. song "I Get Wet."

First out of the bag was a poncho, to which Blothar mentioned that GWAR used to sell body condoms. In the middle of the game, Pustulus Maximus barged through the door, oblivious to the fact that the interview had already begun and he was late. After familiarizing him with the game, he looked at the umbrella that came out of the bag, declaring that the band alone should be enough to keep people from getting wet. Blothar went on to call Pustulus a "p--sy desiccant" and more hilarity ensued.

What was truly disappointing is that the band had opted out of wearing costumes on Halloween, preferring their typical Scumdog garb!

Watch the video above to see what other ridiculous stuff happened with Andrew W. Just O.K. and GWAR!

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