We recently had the honor of speaking with GWAR front-thing Oderus Urungus on film just minutes before going onstage at the Starland Ballroom in New Jersey.

Oderus Urungus is 43 billion years old. The multi-talented (and horrific) alien warlord was assembled on a planet called Scumdogia after pieces of his moldy war frame were found scattered throughout the galaxy. Urungus' father was a supercomputer and his mother was a petri dish. Catch all that? Perfect!

GWAR is currently on a must-see tour with fellow monsters Ghoul and Municipal Waste. In this video, shot from the lovely Starland Ballroom kitchen, Urungus allows us to partake in his knowledge concerning the Three Stooges, crack cocaine, dead celebrities, his endorsement for the 2012 Presidential Election and much more.

Please enjoy Loudwire's exclusive video interview with GWAR's Oderus Urungus.

Gwar Front-thing Oderus Urungus Talks to Loudwire