Swedish power metal veterans HammerFall have set Hammer of Dawn as the title of their 12th album, which will be released early next year. A music video for the title track has just been released too and, by the time the song is over, you'll be reaching for your finest steel, ready to charge into battle and fight for honor and glory.

The 10-track Hammer of Dawn succeeds 2019's Dominion and on this first advance single, the group expertly mixes in dark, foreboding overtones amid their typical brand of stomp 'n' pomp, arena-built power metal, anchored by epic, cinematic storytelling.

Watch the music video for "Hammer of Down" below and read along with the lyrics too.

"The song itself was initially conceived in Germany during the 'World Dominion' tour, with the rest of the work being done at home," said guitarist Oscar Dronjak of the new track. "I immediately knew this had the potential to be something important, and when Joacim added his vocal melodies we both felt it would be the perfect single. One with substance and power but also one you can’t stop singing when the music fades out."

Regarding the video, singer Joacim Cans commented, "We already had the idea to shoot a video at legendary amusement park Liseberg 20 years ago. But like any good bottle of champagne, this idea needed to rest and mature before taken into action. And FUCK I am happy we waited! Together with director Patric Ullaeus we have created something unique and astonishing that totally blows me away every time I watch it. You can really tell that we haven’t played together for almost two long and never-ending years. We are as energetic as a pack of hungry wolves in the video ready to shred and deliver the heavy metal gospel!"

Hammer of Dawn will be released on Feb. 25 on Napalm Records and pre-orders can be placed here. View the brilliant album art and complete track listing toward the bottom of the page.

HammerFall, "Hammer of Dawn" Lyrics

Thunder, lightning
Hammer, fighting

Once I was lost in the promised land
In search of the spark and the flame
A warrior soul, with a mighty zeal
The hammer beside me, a heart made of steel

I can't pretend, never let it go
'Cause everything comes with a price
What you have done, what you put me through
The devils incarnate is coming for you

Vengeance is my path to glory
Blood will be shed, hatred is the sign
The sign

Thunder, lightning
Hammer, fighting
Battle dawning
Vengeance coming

I am the demon inside your mind
I am the Devil you know
No place to hide, so you better run
Or enter my showdown, let justice be done

Spread your gospel, false and evil
Time to read the writings on the wall
The wall

Thunder, lightning
Hammer, fighting
Battle dawning
Vengeance coming

Thunder, lightning
Hammer, fighting

Now raise the hammer to sky
This is your time, live or let die
Under a thousand shining suns
Your final showdown has begun

Hammer of Dawn will lead the way
You live to fight another day
For every battle there's a scar
Telling the story who you are

HammerFall "Hammer of Dawn" Music Video

HammerFall, Hammer of Dawn Album Art + Track Listing

HammerFall, 'Hammer of Dawn'
Napalm Records

01. "Brotherhood"
02. "Hammer of Dawn"
03. "No Son of Odin"
04. "Venerate Me"
05. "Reveries"
06. "Too Old to Die Young"
07. "Not Today"
08. "Live Free or Die"
09. "State of the W.I.L.D."
10. "No Mercy"

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