In 1993, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain penned a handwritten letter to musician Juliana Hatfield. Twenty-three years later, Hatfield is contemplating selling the note for no less than $20,000.

In 1992, Hatfield released the song “Nirvana” on her Hey Babe album. The song was a tribute to the seminal grunge band, containing lyrics like, “Now here comes the song I love so much / Makes me wanna go f—k s—t up / I got Nirvana in my head / I’m so glad I'm not dead.

Cobain wrote Hatfield a note expressing his appreciation for her song and Hatfield eventually had the letter framed after Kurt died in 1994:

Julianna, your song NIRVANA was totally flattering when I first heard it. I really like your new album especially my sister. The video’s great as well. I feel like a creep because of the way I acted after our show last night. I honestly didn’t try to snub you. I was just disoriented because of all the classic after show meet and greet-grossness that goes on. We are very lucky to know Danny Goldberg. He’s the most honest man in show biz and as long as we know him we’ll all be in good hands. I wish you all the best. Have a good time in England and don’t eat the kebabs.
Love Kurt :)

“I’m glad I held on to it,” Hatfield writes for The Talkhouse. “The letter is a record of a moment in my life and career — and in the life and career of an American rock & roll phenom who didn’t live to play many more shows or to write many more letters. But, more important, it is a record of Kurt Cobain’s thoughtfulness, sensitivity, generosity, humility and humor, as well as his embarrassment and conflict about his popularity.”

She continues, “And if you are interested in buying the letter, I will consider any offer of at least $20,000. Because I have rent to pay. But I won’t give it up for any less than that. And even then, I still might decide, at the last minute, to keep it.”

As of this posting, the Cobain letter isn’t listed on any auction website for bidding.

Kurt Cobain's Letter to Juliana Hatfield

The Talkhouse
The Talkhouse

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