Hatebreed have defeated yet another band, bringing the Connecticut hardcore heavyweights only one win away from their track 'Put It to the Torch' attaining immortality in our Death Match Hall of Fame. To give Hatebreed one last run for their money, we've put them against one of extreme metal's most up-and-coming acts.

Upon a Burning Body have been making deathcore, death metal, extreme metal, or whatever you choose to call it, since 2005. Hailing from San Antonio, Texas, the band released its second studio album, 'Red. White. Green.,' earlier this year, with 'Sin City' having just been chosen as the latest track to get a music video.

Can Hatebreed complete their journey to the Death Match Hall of Fame? Or will Upon a Burning Body reduce their competition to ash? Vote for your favorite track below!

(This Death Match ends on Tuesday, Dec. 18, at 10AM ET. Fans can vote once per hour! So come back and vote often to make sure your favorite song wins!)

Hatebreed, 'Put It to the Torch'

Upon A Burning Body, 'Sin City'



Rules of Death Match

Two bands fight to the death each week. Fans can vote once per hour. The triumphant band goes on to compete in the next Death Match. If a band wins four straight Death Matches, its song will be honored as immortal in the Loudwire Death Match Hall of Fame.