After a successful crowdfunding campaign, He Is Legend locked themselves away in a remote location in North Carolina to cut their fifth studio album, few. Stripping away luxuries like cell phone service, they came away with a dark record as evident by the scathing take on humanity in "Air Raid." The music video for that song is premiering right here at Loudwire (watch above).

With a wall of low rumbling to open the track, the imminent feeling of doom sets the tone, interrupted by a jangling, slack-wristed guitar lick and ethereal vocal melodies. Walking a tightrope between more aggressive rhythms flush with hooks and delicate, airy moods, He Is Legend conjure a myriad of emotions ranging from reflection and despair to elbow-swinging rage.

"We've kept the cathartic experience of a He Is Legend show a strictly personal experience for our fans for some time now. Never have we hit this hard before and we decided it was due time that we showcased our live show through a music video," commented singer Schuylar Croom.

He continues, "This video finally captures what we believe to be our best assets, all of the darkness, sexuality and chaos and grooviness of a Legend show encompassed amidst the rhythm of the first track our new album called 'Air Raid.' This song really highlights our passion and aggression that peppers the entirety of this new record and we couldn't be more proud. Justin [Reich] came out to capture this unique experience with us in a way that makes you feel like you're right there in the mix with us. We hope our fans love it and it turns on some new folks. See ya on the dancefloor."

Pre-orders for few can be placed at the He Is Legend webstore (out April 28 on Spinefarm) and to keep up with the band, follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

He Is Legend, few Album Cover


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