It’s inspiring to hear what a master guitarist like Alex Skolnick can do with their fingers. It’s not surprising that he’d turn to AmpliTube 5 to feed his appetite for great tone.

As he puts it, “AmpliTube 5 is a whole new platform with next-level technology both sonically and visually. With this version, the quality has gotten so realistic that some listeners will find it hard to believe they’re hearing tone designed exclusively from software.”

In these videos Alex proves his point by demonstrating, in three distinct tones, the versatility and fidelity of AmpliTube 5.

Alex presents the first patch he’s come up with in AmpliTube 5, which is also the first inspiring Eddie Van Halen sound he’s ever found in software! The setup features one of the new pieces of gear in AT5, the VariDiode+ stomp effect (based on an MXR Distortion+ with interchangeable diodes). Check it out here.

Here Alex demonstrates a modern crunch tone and talks about this simple setup that has a huge sound. It features another piece of new gear in AT5, the German 34 amp head (based on a Bogner XTC 3534). In this setup, a bit of modern digital delay is all he’s added to the amp’s natural tone.

In this clip, Alex grabs a semi-hollow body and takes us back in time to an ‘80s clean tone with some contemporary guitar work. His fingers do all the talking, using the same clean tone throughout, with a touch of ‘80s-style effects found in AmpliTube 5. Sweet stuff!

You can learn more about AmpliTube 5 here and be sure to visit Alex Skolnick's website at this location.


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