Think about how much time you spend behind the wheel. Now also think about how much time you've spent in the back seat. The folks at TickPick have conducted a study on music habits while in automobiles and have determined from their data that heavy metal fans are the mostly likely of any genre to have had a sexual experience in a car.

According to the results of their survey, 75 percent of heavy metal listeners have experienced a sexual encounter in a vehicle, while 65 percent of all respondents also made that claim. In the survey, metal listeners ranked ahead of fans of oldies music, hip-hop, rap and R&B / soul.

Though metal fans may be spending some quality time in the back seat, the survey reveals that metal is not always the genre of choice for the romantic interludes. The smooth sounds of R&B and soul still set the mood over 27 percent of the time according to those who participated in the survey, whereas metal is the mood of choice somewhere in the middle of the pack about 12.6 percent of the time.

R&B / Soul was the preferred choice of women, while men preferred Classic Rock for the soundtrack for their passion. Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On" is the main song of choice for getting it on in vehicles, while Nine Inch Nails' "Closer" was listed third amongst all tracks. Nine Inch Nails also placed third amongst artists who helped set the mood for vehicular rendezvous, while AC/DC tied amongst respondents for sixth place.

It should also be noted that heavy metal fans aren't particularly fond of using a turn signal while driving, finishing third amongst all genres. Latin music fans led that category. And while you may think the aggressive nature of metal might lead to road rage, the exact opposite appears to be true according to the results of the survey. Rap music fans are the most likely to experience road rage, according the results, with metal not even ranking in the Top 5.

And speaking of road rage, it can be the habits of your passenger that sets you off. TickPick ran down some of the annoying behaviors of passengers, with the action of changing the music without asking being dubbed the most annoying, as 54.8 percent of those responding selected. You also shouldn't change the music in the middle of a song or talk over the music, and watch out if you sing poorly or belt out the wrong lyrics. See the results below.

To gain the data compiled in the survey, TickPick spoke with 958 people with valid driver's licenses who drive on a regular basis to gauge their driving habits and tastes. 512 of the survey participants were men while 445 were women and one person chose not to identify their gender. To see the results of the full TickPick survey, head here.

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