It was great to have Pantera legend and current Hellyeah drummer Vinnie Paul swing by our studio for a visit. We got to discuss quite a few things with the sticksman and here we took a look at Hellyeah's Undeni!able album as well as the importance of groove in Vinnie's music. This year also marked Hellyeah's 10th year as a band and we looked at this feat against Pantera's legacy between 1990 and 2000.

After listening to Unden!able, the element of groove is very much in place, but in a different sense than Hellyeah's music typically is, seemingly employing more of an industrial feel. We asked Vinnie about this newer sound, but he maintained this wasn't a conscious decision, expounding on how everything does start with the groove, however.

The evolution of Hellyeah has found the band hitting on more emotional levels over the last three records especially, abandoning the reckless party atmosphere of the first pair of albums. Vinnie explains the reason for this change and how the band's setlist has changed, still mixing in some of the older material with their more serious sound of the present.

With Hellyeah on their fifth album in 10 years, it mirrors the major label days of Pantera, who also released five albums within a decade-long span. Discussing these similarities and how it's more difficult than ever for a band to get established on such a high level, Vinnie attributed some of Pantera's success to their early glam days where they were able to flesh out their sound.

Get the full explanation to everything in the video interview at the top of the page and pick up your copy of Hellyeah's Unden!able at Amazon or digitally through iTunes.

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